Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches & Opening Segment For Tonight's RAW


Money in the Bank qualifying matches started.

Seth Rollins recently teased that he was considering holding an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship on Raw this week, and an opponent has already stepped up to the plate.

Tasked with going out and speaking on behalf of The Authority (yes, that is still going), the Raw GM had to pretend he was delivering bad news to Roman Reigns that the fans would hate.

With Balor and Strowman in place, Raw has two more qualifiers to get into the MITB ladder match next month.

Race 3 - Theatrical Trailer
The " Dabangg " Khan was reportedly trolling his fans as they were abusing " Race 3 " team for delaying the trailer release. The actor a day before the trailer launch was snapped at Producer Ramesh Taurani's office in Mumbai on May 14, 2018.

Angle says he would understand if Reigns is mad at him and Reigns say that he isn't, Reigns says he has some business to take care of before exiting the ring. After the match, Owens demanded a rematch but was denied.

Rollins and Owens have a storied history. Last week, he gave a sit-down interview which had him discussing his family, and he still seems kind of lost in storylines right now, but maybe more will happen on the next Raw.

Rousey, at first reluctant to accept Jax's offer, agreed to the match as the pair shook hands together before being joined by Smackdown's Charlotte Flair. Rollins catches Owens with a falcon arrow on the ring apron, the competitors get back in the ring and a striking exchange breaks out. Owens won by pinning Elias via a frog splash. Facing the conga-chaos of No Way Jose and Baron Corbin, the Roode one diverted Corbin into a ring post and scored the winning Glorious DDT on Jose to pick up the win. He attacked Mahal yet again sent Mahal through a well to send him out of contention for the triple-threat qualifying match.

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is talking on his phone when Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas, Axel says that they want a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles. The latter will not be taking part in the Money in Bank PPV as there is no news regarding him competing at the event, as of now.