Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' Dinner's speech praised by fellow stars


I think she's really resourceful.

After the backlash, the WHCA said it's "heard from members expressing dismay with the entertainer's monologue", which the WHCA said "was not in the spirit" of the WHCA's mission. She said she will work with the incoming president of the group and take comments from members on their views "on the format of the dinner going forward".

Trump joined in the criticism.

Among those who failed to receive that message, apparently, was Mr Trump, who in a nifty bit of counterprogramming held a rally in Washington, Michigan during the correspondents' dinner.

Trump held a campaign rally in MI in which the audience booed the Hispanic race and Trump just made up facts.

Comedian Michelle Wolf needs to learn a thing or two about the First Amendment. Like, what's "Uncle Tom" but for white women who disappoint other white women?

Some, including CNN's Mika Brzezinski, jumped to Sander's defense.

Meyers pilloried Trump, lobbing jab after jab.

Wolf's performance received mixed reviews.

Matt Schlapp, a conservative lobbyist and the husband of Mercedes Schlapp, a White House communications director, tweeted that he and his wife "walked out early from the wh correspondents dinner. You've been doing enough, John", he said to laughs.

C-SPAN host Pedro Echevarria on Monday hung up on a caller who alleged that comedienne Michelle Wolf was "ignorant" because she talked about tampons at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday. I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a *perfect* smoky eye.

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And I guarantee that the perceptions of Trump will have a dramatically bigger effect on the November elections than a few jokes Wolf told one night in a D.C. ballroom.

Wolf, the after-dinner entertainment for the White House press corps and their guests, was surprisingly racy for the venue and seemed more at home on HBO than C-SPAN.

The head of the correspondents group said she regretted the monologue.

"We don't censor it".

President Trump called her "filthy" and said she "totally bombed".

Wolf tweeted "thank you" to Spicer.

Many of Wolf's jokes included vulgar language that couldn't be repeated in stories about the dinner. "They're something we don't do in Latin America - because I tell you, there would be somebody dead by the end of a dinner like that".

-"It is kinda insane that the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian Federation when the Hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with MI".

Sanders" predecessor Sean Spicer described the event as a "disgrace' - a reaction Wolf herself welcomed.

Defenders of the comedienne praised her act saying she was only calling out the President and his aides' constant lying and distortion and Trump deserved to get what he often dished out.