MI5 head: Islamic State planning 'devastating' attacks in Europe


Beside the threat from militant Islamists, including Islamic State operating in Syria and Iraq, Parker described Russia as a hostile state which was seeking to undermine the West, though he said he had no argument with the Russian people and that he had once studied Russian.

Andrew Parker, the head of United Kingdom spy agency the MI5, has warned of the threats facing Europe from Islamic State.

The head of MI5 is warning that the Islamic State group aspires to commit "devastating" and "more complex" attacks in Europe after losing territory in the Middle East. He will also disclose that MI5 and police have thwarted 12 plots since the Westminster terror attack of March 2017 which claimed five lives.

Successful terror attacks, including the Westminster Bridge attack, the Manchester Arena suicide bombing, and the London Bridge and Borough Market attack, raise the tally still further.

This brings the total number of disrupted attacks since 2013 to 25.

Calling for greater unity, he will note that "European intelligence cooperation today is simply unrecognizable to what it looked like five years ago".

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Speaking for the first time since the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury in March, Parker will describe how the incident was a "deliberate and targeted malign activity" that risks Russia becoming a "more isolated pariah" in the worldwide community, according to excerpts from the speech, to be delivered in Berlin.

Russian Federation is committing "flagrant breaches of global rules", the head of Britain's security service claimed May 14 in which he will also stress the importance of post-Brexit security ties.

THE Kremlin and Russian state media outlets promoted at least 30 "explanations" for the Salisbury nerve agent attack as part of a disinformation campaign to shift the blame for the attempted assassination, the head of MI5 has claimed.

London has blamed Moscow for the poisoning of Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence operative who became an informant for Britain's MI6 foreign spy service, in the first use of a nerve agent in Europe since World War II.

Mr Parker said the Kremlin was taking part in "deliberate, targeted, malign activity meant to undermine our free, open and democratic societies".

Britain's MI5 spy chief on Monday said he was not aware that outside influence determined the outcome of the British vote in 2016 to leave the European Union.