May and Trump agree talks needed over Iranian sanctions


External affairs ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said India was closely monitoring the situation arising out of Trump's announcement to pull the U.S. out of the Iran deal. "We urge all sides to remain committed to its full implementation and to act in a spirit of responsibility".

In a lengthy government statement on Friday, the Iranian government warned that it would take "whatever reciprocal measures it deems expedient" if it is not fully compensated for the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement as provided for in the accord.

To end the call, May and Trump said they were "looking forward to the US president's visit to the July".

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) issued a brief statement postulating the Indian reaction on the Iran.

"You can not say that Iran is in compliance unless you are 100% certain that the IAEA and our intelligence are infallible", said USA national security advisor John Bolton.

The timing of the Israeli strikes, two days after Trump's announcement that he was abandoning the nuclear accord, was telling. A case in point is his North Korea policy.

If we don't stand up to genocidal regimes who have explicitly threatened us & our allies with "death" we embolden them to attack & kill us.

French presidential officials say Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called on European signatories to help keep the deal afloat. In this period, the European troika is attempting to implement the "JCPOA without US" formula, based on "Iran's greater commitment" compared with "less commitment" of the West.

It is widely documented that the U.S. targeted Tehran at the behest of its allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, besides its own reasons that go back to the 1979 Shia Islamic revolution in Iran. More importantly, the latitude the USA and the others had with Iran could disappear leaving the world that much more a unsafe place than before.

But he refuses to do that as he is eyeing multi-billion business contracts from Saudi Arabia, whereas in his scheme of things Iran can not give him business. He is doing it deliberately and consciously because he has his eyes set on the next presidential election. The disturbing thing is that he is getting considerable traction within his country.

He is essentially a businessman, a CEO-president. Foreign policy is not a zero sum game. That's the reputation Modi's India is developing.

Pakistan Prevents US Diplomat From Leaving the Country
On April 7, US Defence and Air Attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall ran a red light at Daman-i-Koh Chowk and hit a motorcycle. On Friday, the Islamabad High Court said that Hall did not have absolute immunity in the country.

During the visit, India and Iran signed almost a dozen pacts, centrepiece of which was an agreement on development of Chabahar port.

China, like India, faces a dilemma. Trump will have to pause in his blundering ways if he is faced with restrictions on American companies operating in India. Its trade with Iran has more than doubled since 2006, and it has invested heavily in new railways and ports in the country.

Another scenario is the inevitable spurt in worldwide oil prices.

I understand why Kim would want to get out from under worldwide sanctions and offer his oppressed people enough economic growth to make his own position more secure.

Iran says as far as it's concerned the nuclear deal is not yet dead.

After meeting his counterpart in Beijing, Mr Zarif said: "We hope that with this visit to China and other countries we will be able to construct a clear future design for the comprehensive agreement".

Raddatz asked if moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would make it harder or easier to achieve a peace deal between Israel and Palestinians, who want east Jerusalem as their capital. Iran's desperate pleas went unheard among the global community.

Iran's foreign minister embarks on a tour of world powers on Saturday, state media reported, in what is seen as a last-ditch effort to save Tehran's nuclear deal after Washington's withdrawal from the accord.

Yet, India will start feeling the pinch sooner rather than later which will hurt the Indian economy.

India is the world's third largest oil consumer and imports three-quarters of its supplies. "The EU too will see in their interests to come along with us", he said.