Lenovo is teasing the Z5, a true all-screen smartphone


For example, the journey to a full all-screen smartphone is being delivered via the notch "the notch". A new wave of phones are coming with such aspect ratio, but a lot of them still have bezels or come with a notch on the top.

Phones that feature a display that stretches from edge-to-edge are all the rage right now, but manufacturers haven't yet figured out a way to make an all-screen form that doesn't have some kind of bezel or notch to accommodate front-facing hardware.

Thankfully, for notch haters, that future may not be far away. At least according to a new sketch by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng. It'll use a total of 18 different patented technologies and include four "technological breakthroughs".

The sketch, picked up by CNET following a Weibo post, follows the release of a render showcasing the top left quadrant of the handset.

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Essentially the widow's peak of the smartphone, the notch is the area of the phone that sticks out like a sore thumb on these falsely named all-screen devices. It's not clear what Lenovo plans to do with the front camera on the Lenovo Z5.

If the company's design comes to fruition, we're definitely excited to hear how it reached this point.

The Lenovo Z5 will arrive sometime in June and since it does not appear to have a facial recognition sensor other than the one that will be incorporated via software, it will probably have a fingerprint scanner for user authentication.

Are you a fan of the notch on phones like the iPhone X?