Killer sloth bear dies of sickness in Nabarangpur


He is believed to have spotted the injured bear and tried to take a selfie with the animal, it is claimed.

A taxi driver was mauled to death after he stopped his cab to take a picture with a bear.

The report also said that the other passengers in the SUV were busy shooting the incident on their phones rather than helping Bhatara.

Forest ranger Dhanurjaya Mohapatra said: "Bhatara died on the spot".

"Prabhu Bhatara saw the bear which was wounded and standing near the road beside a water body". A stray dog tried to fight the bear but could not save the victim. While there, they saw a large bear that had been injured, and Bhatara made a decision to approach the animal.

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Park rangers had to tranquilize the bear that killed Prabhu Bhatara so the man's body could be removed.

When the man tried to take a selfie with the animal it became aggressive and a struggle ensued. While the bear was suffering from foot injury, the exact cause of its death would be known after completion of the autopsy, he maintained.

A large amount of selfie-related deaths have occurred in India over the past two years. As the Independent noted, the nation has the highest rate of accidental deaths while taking a selfie - 60 percent of all worldwide selfie deaths take place in India.

This is not the first time that people have died taking selfies.