Kaspersky Lab to move core infrastructure from Russian Federation to Switzerland


"The data of our customers from the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia will henceforth be stored and processed in Switzerland".

The Department of Homeland Security previous year banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky software because Russia's intelligence agencies could force the company to help spy on its customers. "Transparency is one such need, and that is why we've chose to redesign our infrastructure and move our data processing facilities to Switzerland", said Kaspersky in a statement.

Kaspersky Lab is to move a number of core processes from Russian Federation to Switzerland. This information is shared voluntarily by users with the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) (http://KSN.Kaspersky.com) an advanced, cloud-based system that automatically processes cyberthreat-related data. Through this initiative, the company promised to allow third parties to review the its source code and conduct independent reviews of its internal processes, as well as creating a trio of brick-and-mortar "transparency centers" to facilitate these reviews.

In fact, its Global Transparency Initiative was announced in October past year in response to the allegations. Kaspersky is only one company on a growing list of foreign companies being deemed to be threats; both Huawei and ZTE has also found themselves facing similar accusations.

Kaspersky said these plans will make sure that "newly assembled software can be verified by an independent organisation" and that "software builds and updates received by customers match the source code provided for audit".

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"Storing [the Kaspersky Security Network data] in Switzerland under the supervision of an independent organization means that any access to this data is meticulously logged-and the logs can be reviewed at any moment should any concerns arise", Kaspersky said.

In September 2017, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also demanded US state agencies and departments to stop using Kaspersky Lab products due to their potential threat to US cybersecurity.

"Our new center in Switzerland will strengthen the proven integrity of Kaspersky Lab's products, significantly improve the resilience of our IT infrastructure to any trust risk - even theoretical ones, and increase our transparency to current and future customers, as well as the general public", the written comment by the company's press service for Sputnik reads.

The letter also advised Dutch companies which work with the defence ministry and other vital services to stop using the software. "Since transparency and trust are becoming universal requirements across the cybersecurity industry, Kaspersky Lab supports the creation of a new, non-profit organisation to take on this responsibility, not just for the company, but for other partners and members who wish to join", Kaspersky added.