Israeli Singer Netta Barzilai Dubbed the victor of Eurovision Song Contest


I got a real kick out of the costume Israel's Netta Barzalai chose to wear to sing her song "Toy" at Eurovision. US President Trump has defied precedent and the State Department.

At the tail end of a day of deadly clashes in Gaza and the tense relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Rabin Square filled with flag-draped fans and girls sporting Barzilai's trademark Mickey Mouse buns.

Those are not just empty words.

"The song has an important message", she is quoted as telling the Daily Express before winning the contest, which features artists from dozens of countries in and around Europe, plus Australia.

He was speaking at an inaugural event marking Jerusalem Day, an annual celebration of the reunification of the Holy City under Israeli sovereignty following the country's victory in the six-day war in 1967. The previous Israeli to win was Dana International in 1998 with the song "Diva".

Netta's win for Israel - its win since 1998, but fourth overall - means that it will host the 2019 competition, which has become an worldwide spectacle drawing tens of millions of fans to two-rounds of live performances with millions more viewers tuning in for live broadcasts around the world. Electronic signs throughout Tel Aviv congratulated Netta.

Her experience has given her plenty of poise onstage.

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The singer was however accused of appropriating Asian culture during her set, and sparked confusion with her comment of "Next time Jerusalem" - a celebratory remark which some thought was an announcement of next year's Eurovision venue.

Nevertheless, the victory had her overcome with emotion. "Thank you for supporting diversity".

"Because we are separated with so many views and political sides and all that, this contest made us one country, one people and I'm so happy for that", he said. Thank you for choosing daring.

Americans who find themselves in Israel in May discovered with a sense of surprise that there exists a major global competition that is important to much of the world...and has nothing to do with soccer....but Americans barely know it. At a short press conference held alongside the plane, Barzilai said: "This is a great moment for me, for the [Israeli] delegation and for the country".

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"I'm sorry to disappoint you", the Israeli veterinarian wrote in Hebrew on Saturday.