Instagram's new "emoji slider" is a fresh take on polls


The function makes the most sense in conjunction with a smiley or a heart: You could ask a question such as "How much do you love tacos?" and then include a slider with the heart emoji or heart eyes smiley.

There is a new way to poll your friends on Instagram Stories. A variant of the poll feature, emoji sticker slider allows users to ask more nuanced questions.

Now Instagram is adding something called an emoji slider that lets people react to questions in a way that's entertaining but also has some subtlety to it.

The slider has already made its way to both the iOS and the Android app, and is now available for use within Stories.

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First of all, check whether you have the latest version of Instagram. Take a picture and then slide upwards.

Write up your burning question and place it on your pic or video. For example, how badly do your friends want to go out tonight? Afterwards, tap on the emoji slider icon (circled below) and type in your question.

In related news, Instagram has recently taken yet another step towards becoming at least in part, a shopping app. Once the story is shared, anyone who views it (including you) will be able to respond to it by dragging the slider to your desired position. Releasing the emoji will set the response, and followers will be able to see the current average of how others have responded so far.

We predict that this feature is going to be hot amongst the youths. They see that emoji on a slider and can drag it to any point.