Huawei to pre-install Bitcoin wallet on all new Smartphones


Huawei phone users will be in for a surprise when downloading the bitcoin wallet from the App Gallery, as - which is owned by China-based cryptocurrency miner manufacturer Bitmain - is running a promotion in which it will "gift a starting amount of cryptocurrency". Alejandro de la Torre,'s vice president of business operations made an announcement to this effect.

Currently, AppGallery is only available for customers via a pre-install on the latest Huawei devices, but will be rolled out for older versions in the second quarter of this year.

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It assists users in making the most out of digital currencies by providing secure online tools.

The move will have most impact in the Chinese market - where the government blocks Android's Google Play Store, and some parts of Apple's iTunes - where access to such facilities is limited. And are no small fry themselves, controlling the world's largest BTC mining pool.

The move from Huawei is very important due to the fact that China is not an open country towards cryptocurrencies.

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Jaime Gonzalo, vice president of Huawei's mobile services said, "From our leadership position in China, the tip of the spear of mobile payments, we expect to see massive growth in global cryptocurrency adoption habits in the near future".

"Cryptocurrencies have recently expanded the human understanding of digital economy at a large scale".

Segwit Compatible- Segregated Witness is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal that streamlines transaction data allowing for lower fees and faster transaction times.

Thanks to collaboration with Chinese telecommunications guru Huawei, BTC dot com receives a chance to enter the massive and exclusive Chinese markets and to offer its crypto wallet to users.

The wallet will provide support for bitcoin and bitcoin cash, and could propel Huawei's popularity further in Europe, where it has been gaining a foothold in recent times. has a team of more than 60 employees based in Amsterdam and Beijing, and is backed by the world's leading Bitcoin mining manufacturer, Bitmain.