Hero canine rescues his pal from drowning in pool in viral video


A dog in Arizona has shown he is not only man's best friend but also dog's best friend after helping rescue his canine pal who was in danger drowning in a swimming pool earlier this month.

Smokey can be seen treading water while Remus, obviously alarmed, paces back and forth, trying to get Smokey to swim over to the stairs.

Remus jumped into the pool and boosted Smokey up out of the water and over the edge of the water.

Remus, the hero dog, "may be a insane pup but he's got a heart of gold", Laurie Becerra wrote in a social media post sharing the security video. At some point, Remus moves slightly to the left, and fighting Smokey is slowly coming to him. She added that they "play around pool all the time with no incidence", but she's now ordering Smokey a life vest just to be safe.

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend
Watch: Hero dog rescues his pal from drowning in pool in viral video

The video has since been viewed more than 235,000 times on Facebook, making it to local news sites and then cracking into a global audience after being features by mastheads such as Fox News.

She said: 'So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious.

Unable to get Remus' attention and seeing him panic as his paws kept slipping, Smokey goes into lifeguard mode and hops in. "My best friend cried when we sent her the video".

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