Harrison Ford digitally inserted into Solo: A Star Wars


He's been kept busy recently with Solo: A Star Wars Story, after taking over directing duties from Chris Miller and Phil Lord in 2017. So one of the tricky challenges of making a Lando movie is, suddenly Lando is at the center of it. "I farmed movies, TV episodes and even still photographs that I graphed onto Alden Ehrenreich's face and animated".

"I thought about that movie a lot as I was working on Solo because there are certain scenes, especially around some of the Madmartigan (Kilmer's character in Willow) stuff, was reminiscent of a character with that kind of swagger and bravado", he shared. However, it's also worth noting that C-3PO have not been seen in any of the Han Solo trailers. The robot isn't in the new movie.

"First of all I'm dying to see a Lando film".

"No, but Anthony Daniels is in the movie as a different character", Kasdan tells Uproxx.

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Daniels will be Wookie this time. Before he had the Millennium Falcon or considered Luke Skywalker one of his best friends, Han was still talking and blasting his away across the galaxy. His experiences on the original trilogy gave him said knowledge, and he then applied it to writing Solo, which was no doubt a great thing for the movie.

Harrison Ford wanted that as well, and he actually crashed one of Ehrenreich's interviews just to share his thoughts on Ehrenreich's performance.

Something like this happened to actor Alden Ehrenreich while he was giving an interview about Solo: A Star Wars Story. I grew up on it, it's the first toy I ever had, so this role I didn't take lightly.

As if that wasn't pressure enough, the Hollywood legend that is the notoriously grumpy Ford has been unhappy with the character for decades, so much that he only agreed to reprise it for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" if they agreed to kill him off.