Google is Giving Developers a Free 4K HDR Android TV Dongle


You may have seen it pass through the FCC, but with I/O 2018 upon us, it has become clear that this device is called the ADT-2, a developer kit for Android TV developers.

What happens when you fully install Android in a auto? But, if you have a slightly older model phone, don't count on it. Every good Android platform needs a device that gets day-one updates from Google so that when Google releases a new software update, developers can actually use it on a device and make apps that support the new features.

The final version of Android P won't be ready until this spring, assuming history repeats itself. In other words, while you're gaming, you'll be able to use the soundbar to cue up Google Assistant on any of the JBL's three HDMI inputs.

But people couldn't help but wonder if Google's new Android version copied Apple's iPhone X when it comes to navigation.

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Going forward, you can swipe up on the home button to view your recently used apps, quickly swipe to the right to fast-switch between two apps, or slowly move the home button to scroll through all of your recent apps. It has been challenging Google more frequently by launching that services duplicate what Google already offers on Android. Android TV now doesn't offer a "native" control experience for your TV, which means you can't ask Assistant to, for instance, switch inputs if you're not on the Android TV output.

While that's really all we know about the ADT-2 itself, we do know it'll replace the Nexus Player as the default device developers use to make their apps on. But be forewarned: in order to go back to Android Oreo you will need to completely wipe your phone. Phones using Android P will also learn how to adjust your screen brightness by studying your manual adjustments, a change from automatic adjustments based on ambient light levels.

There are four new functions coming this fall, including an "app dashboard", an "app timer", a new "do not disturb mode" and a "wind down" feature. "In a few weeks, a new Google Lens feature called style match will help you look up visually similar furniture and clothing, so you can find a look you like", the search giant tweeted.