Google improves user data transparency and control ahead of GDPR


You can read through Google's full explanation of its GDPR compliance in its blog post, where the company also talks about data portability, improved user controls, and parental controls. The new policy is now live, and ahead of the GDPR going into force on May 25th, Google is sending emails to every single one of its billions of users.

There are also new tools to better control your data and how Google uses that data. As such, many companies are reformatting or in some cases rewriting their policies to bring them into compliance with the new law. These authorities have investigative powers to verify the lawfulness of the data processing activities performed.

First and foremost, Google's updating the way its privacy policy is presented.

Importantly, Google says that it has "made it easier to jump to your privacy settings directly from the policy, helping you make choices about your privacy".

"The policy now also includes explanatory videos and illustrations, because a visual description can be easier to understand than text alone".

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Business users will be happy to learn that Google's Download Your Data tool is improving and expanding.

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What is likely to be of interest to marketers is that the process of managing advertising preferences or muting certain ads entirely will be more streamlined for consumers, with Google saying it has plans to "further simplify the look and feel of these tools in the coming months".

Being able to download and transfer copies of your data is another big point for the GDPR, and Google's addressing this head on, too. Compliance with GDPR is likely to be more hard for these companies. Google now has a GitHub project which aims to make it easy for seamless transfer of your data from Google to another provider.