Fox Revived 'Last Man Standing' Because They Were "Emboldened by Roseanne"


Fox and other broadcast networks are presenting their new schedules to advertisers in NY this week.

The network announced on Friday the mutli-cam comedy has been picked up for a new season, roughly one year after its cancellation by ABC caused an uproar among some, who alleged star Tim Allen's conservative political views played a part in the network's decision to ax the series.

Fox execs always felt, she said, that ABC, "for whatever reason" had not prioritized the comedy series, which was produced at Fox.

The network has ground to make up in ratings: Fox is averaging 5 million viewers in prime time this season, down 17 percent from 6 million past year.

A follow-up question was asked about why they would cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine and renew Last Man Standing, and the answer was that Brooklyn Nine-Nine had more hard point of entry than Last Man Standing and that Last Man Standing was averaging more than double the viewers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine week in and week out.

"Tim's personal politics aren't really a big feature of the show", Newman said of "Last Man".

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"It's a amusing show and audiences responded to it", he explained simply, saying now is the time to bring it back, after a season of dormancy, Fox having added Thursday Night Football to its arsenal.

Newman noted fans of "Last Man Standing" were quick to launch a petition to bring back the series, especially after Barr revealed her character was a Trump supporter. I just don't think the show ends up delving into it very deeply. "From time to time, there may be a moment in the show that deals with current politics, but it doesn't feel like a soapbox".

Walden also shared that despite initial interest in bringing "Last Man Standing" over to Fox after its ABC cancellation, the right opportunity just wasn't there quite yet, despite growing demand from fans. We wanted to give Bob's Burgers an opportunity to have a plum time period and really grow. "We were emboldened by the response that we saw for 'Roseanne.' We saw it as an opportunity to pair those two shows together on Friday night". "Now we get the news from FOX that it's time to get back out on that diamond - hell yes, I'm excited!"

"Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years", Allen tweeted at the time.

Walden's partner, Gary Newman, also spoke up to downplay one reporter's suggestion that FOX was aiming for a "tonal shift" while stressing that, ultimately, it's all about the ratings.

Looks like we're about to find out. "It's also one of the few comedies in recent years that does a robust global number, and it has a syndication upside, which a lot of shows don't have anymore".