Facebook announces India specific update to its users for stories


Facebook has a habit of testing new features in India before rolling them out to its more than 2.1 billion users worldwide.

Now, users have the option to save photos or videos directly to Facebook's Camera, instead of being forced to save them to their phone's camera roll.

Next is the ability to share voice using the in-app camera as Voice Post, which the company has mentioned is a more intimate way to connect with your friends. Facebook didn't say if there's a capacity limit to save photos and videos in the cloud, according to The Verge.

Hayes said Facebook has more than 217 million people per month in India, which means more than half the Internet population of the country is on Facebook so we're committed to building products with Facebook in mind. Only photos and videos taken with the Facebook Camera can be saved on the Facebook cloud.

Between Voice Posts, Stories archive and cloud storage for your media, what's your favorite new feature?

The company recently added some fun new camera features to Instagram. However, it is certainly a fresh thing for Facebook users and is created to let users start sharing their voice notes on the social networking platform. Voice posts, which are also being introduced, give people a new medium through which they can express themselves.

The most recent use of Snapchat-like features were introduced to WhatsApp and Messenger - all of which let users share decorative content that disappears in 24 hours. We will keep you posted. After a photo disappears from your story, you can find it in your story archive - a place only you can see. The same tools for adding stickers and doodles to photos are also possible on that background.

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Have you ever wondered just how much "bad stuff" goes up on Facebook, and how the platform enforces its Community ... With the archive, stories are automatically saved after expired; users can still access privately to their clips, either to check them or to re-share them on their News Feed.

The Facebook Camera will now have a new Audio button for Voice Posts. However, the recording time is restricted by the local storage available on the device. There's no information on when the feature will be rolled out to iOS users. "It is a way for people to save the memories that they've shared to Stores", said Hayes.

Users in the US, Mexico and Brazil can expect to see these five to 15 second skippable videos, TechCrunch said. "People thus want to keep these works of art and keep them for a longer time than a day", he added. "You will be asked if you want to archive your Stories, and you will need to tap "OK". If you have, then you might be glad to know that Facebook is launching a Save option, so you can do your story now and post it later.

However, as it struggled to take off, the company at one point displayed grayed out icons in the Stories space in an effort to make it appear less empty.

Stories archive Similar to Instagram's archive, Facebook now allows users to save their Stories even after 24 hours. You can also post any of these Stories to News Feed.

But free (and apparently unlimited) photo storage and automatic archiving bridge the gap between ephemeral sharing and Facebook's more typical posts.

Hayes didn't provide any specific timeline for the availability of the new features in the global markets.