Educators, lawmakers prepare for massive rally Wednesday


But in 19 states including New Jersey and NY, in exchange for collective bargaining agreements, they also accepted severe penalties for striking - like losing two days of pay for every day they were out, or even having their union dissolved.

(We estimate that Kershaw County has lost about $80 million - yes, $80 million - in state funding during this period.) This means that teachers are lacking instructional materials and other critical classroom needs, and schools and districts are lacking programs and services they need to meet the wide range of needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger criticized the rally, stating that teacher strikes are illegal in North Carolina.

At issue is better teacher pay, school safety and crumbling school buildings.

The state ranks 39th in spending per student, lagging several thousand dollars behind the national average, according figures from the National Education Association.

The teachers will be marching "to let our General Assembly know and our elected policymakers that this is really about accountability", he said. "The difference is that I am working a job that most see as a valuable resource of utmost importance, and I can not pay for anything". We love children and feel that's what we're called to do. "I'm hopeful that our presence will send the message to our legislators that we're fed up with the status quo". "While we've seen growing numbers (of teachers requesting Wednesday off) in the last week, it's not enough to close". Kelly said her mom, a teacher's assistant in the same county, inspired her to become a teacher. Those districts are among at least 38 others in the state - including Pitt County Schools - that are closing.

"They don't want to do this, but they're in a position where they've been actually forced to now step up and make the demands that they're making", Danis said. But not during school hours.

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Teachers say there are about 60 educators from North Mecklenburg High who will attend the rally. Then every four years, the politicians who take advantage of their generous nature and professionalism show up at schools to get their pictures taken with them and their students and talk about the importance of education.

Build rank-and-file committees! Prepare a nationwide strike to defend public education!

"We have 25 percent of children in our schools living in poverty", Brannon said.

Michael Hansen, a political economist at the Brookings Institution, also gets points for prescience.

Stay with Spectrum News for complete, all day, coverage. The "purple" state briefly swung blue for Barack Obama in 2008, but soon after, Republicans swept the state legislature and later solidified their supermajority. Immediate measures must be taken to promote social equality and a radical redistribution of wealth, including a progressive income tax that places the burden of taxation on the rich and corporate profits, while lowering taxes for the vast majority of the population. "This is my 37th year", said Erlene Lyde. "We teach them you can't be out there looting, you can't be out there destroying stuff - no one is going to listen to you - that peaceful protest is the way to go".

"We are on the right track, and I am pleased teachers will receive another raise next year".

A number of people have asked me if something like this could happen in SC.