Deadpool 2: What the critics are saying


"I can promise fans than Deadpool 2 has a ton of amusing jokes and action, but it's different than all the other comic-book movies, because Deadpool is a reality check for the superhero, comic-book genre", said Leitch, who started in Hollywood as a stuntman before working his way up to directing features like John Wick and Atomic Blonde.

In a separate interview with Collider, Reynolds was enthusiastic about collaborating with Goddard, now finishing work on El Royale.

He also revealed he is more "sentimental" than his Deadpool character. They reportedly feature Negasonic and Yoiki fixing the time device, Deadpool saving Vanessa and jumping back in time immediately after and then saves Peter. We see his blood smack the title page of the Green Lantern screenplay. I have my "Deadpool" colors. "You look much smaller than me".

For the first film, I worked for about three weeks.

While Deadpool 2 is tremendously entertaining, it has multiple issues.

Deadpool is a man who needs people to bounce off of, and alongside Cable there's the implementation of Deadpool's not-X-Men team, X-Force. The role is the ideal for him, and it's great fun to watch him do his thing as this snarky angel of death.

Post-credits scenes are nearly a given in superhero films these days, which is probably why Ryan Reynolds' first Deadpool film mercilessly made fun of them in a short, Ferris Bueller-styled scene that mocked Marvel's habit of including "Sam Jackson with an eyepatch and a saucy little leather number". "We don't care what her powers are, it's gonna be amusing".

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Deadpool 2 is a spectacularly hard-R film.

Still here? Great. There are roughly five post-credits scenes in Deadpool, though as they all flow into each other and crop up quite early on it's probably more accurate to say there's one long freewheeling mid-credits scene.

We can't lie; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just make us happy! In its own way, it's more evocative of how the X-Men are depicted in comics than any X-film before it, and yet it leaves just enough breadcrumbs to clearly be set in the same universe as X-Men: Days of Future Past and Logan.

"You're so dark", Deadpool says to Cable at one point.

What the first Deadpool had that the sequel is missing out on is the element of surprise. In another interview with Entertainment Tonight the star said, "Oh, I'm Mr". Of course, this is too domestic for a movie titled Deadpool 2, so bodies hit the floor fairly quickly, putting our masked man on a collision course with death. That means when he does a movie, she doesn't and vice versa. While the public won't be able to settle their busy minds by catching Deadpool 2 in theaters until May 18, critics have rolled out their official reviews of the film, giving fans an idea of how the sequel lives up to the original's action and adventure.

Josh gets going by insulting Ryan saying he has no talent despite being good looking and tall with "the flawless amount of scruff".