Deadpool 2 tracking a $350 million worldwide opening weekend


Though he has appeared in a considerable number of American films and TV shows before, Delhi-born actor Karan Soni became a household name after appearing in Deadpool as Dopinder, a cab driver who tells Ryan Reynold's Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool about his love problems. It's pretty unbelievable", says Reynolds, joking of little James, "My daughter's had a really, really awful ego problem now after that song came out. My character is now full time just driving for Deadpool. So, I am really excited for people to see what happens. It's a film willing to throw everything - jokes, references, heads, blood, guts, and even a little bit of vomit - against the wall, rarely concerned about how much of it sticks. It was evident that Deadpool 2 has been meddled with.

Deadpool 2 knows it has its work cut out, but also revels in its own unexpected pedigree.

"We've reached superhero saturation point, and Deadpool 2 is less a satire of that condition than a symptom of it". If you're looking for anything else, Deadpool has a message for you: fuck off. It doesn't change what isn't broken, like having Josh Brolin play the villain (fresh off playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Brolin here plays Cable, a robot man from the future), but it makes small, helpful tweaks to the formula, like wrapping things up in less than two hours. I had so much fun making the first one that I was dying to go back.

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The Wrap concurs, writing that "somewhere in the middle lies Deadpool 2, which never betrays the promise of the first film; it just doesn't build on it, choosing instead to replay the greatest hits".

Also, kudos to director David Deitch for finding increasingly interesting ways to visualize the concept of luck, which contrary to Deadpool's repeated assertions to the contrary is definitely a superpower. This amusing teaser leaves the fans laughing before superhero sequel's opening. Clearly, we don't mean it in a typical love story way like The Notebook, Romeo and Juliet or your favourite Korean dramas. In fact, we knew Reynolds would eventually play the role when in the comic book series Cable & Deadpool (2004) the antihero describes his scarred face as "Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei".

It's as if Deadpool exists simultaneously inside the movie and outside it: He's both a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a highly jaundiced critic of it at the same time. And it's the star who deserves the lion's share of the plaudits, really, because his enthusiasm for giving Deadpool fans the version they needed (while also taking shots at himself, quite gloriously) drips from every scene.