Danbury Hospital Surgeons Removed 132-Pound Ovarian Cyst


The ovarian tumour was diagnosed after the 38-year-old woman reported rapid weight gain of about 4.5kg per week over a two-month period.

Surgeons from Connecticut's Danbury Hospital established a new medical record, after removing a massive ovarian cyst which completely covered a woman's digestive track. Although her mucinous ovarian tumor was later found to be benign and non-cancerous, it did pose a threat to her life because it was sitting on a major blood vessel, leading to concerns about her heart.

A lifesaving surgery to remove one of the largest known ovarian tumors was performed at Danbury Hospital, a nationally recognized community hospital that is part of Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN). The patient was also malnourished because the tumour was sitting on her digestive tract.

The lab analysis revealed that the tumor sprouted approximately two months ago and continued to grow at a rate of 10 pounds per week. "But tumours this big are exceedingly rare in the literature".

"I wanted to help her, and I knew that we could at Danbury Hospital", Andikyan said.

In fact, Andikyan said her outlook is excellent: The tumor was not malignant, all of it is gone, and there is not a large chance that it will come back. She was also at a very high risk of developing blood clots.

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This patient's tumor, a mucinous tumor, is fairly common, accounting for more than a third of ovarian tumors.

One of the largest tumors ever taken out of a human was a 303-pound ovarian tumor removed at Stanford Hospital in 1991, according to a 1994 report.

"Without appropriate treatment, I don't think this woman would have made another couple of weeks", Andikyan, a doctor at the Western Connecticut Health Network, told The Washington Post. The medical team which removed the tumour in February in a five-hour long operation consisted of 12 surgeons.

"This patient was unable to walk", he said.

"During the surgery, we removed this enormous tumor that originated from her left ovary", Andikyan tells CNN. She was discharged from the hospital a few days after the surgery. "She's back to a normal life, she's back to work, and when I saw her in my office, I saw smiles, I saw hope, and I saw a happy woman who is back to her normal life and her family", Andrikyan said.

A tiresome or sharp ache in the lower abdomen, bloating or a constant feeling of fullness are possible signs of a cyst. In addition, women who have experienced a pelvic infection or previous ovarian cyst are also more likely to develop one.