Dam in Kenya bursts, killing 47


"Engineers are on site conducting controlled release of water", Rift Valley regional commissioner Wanyama Musiambo said in a statement. In Kenya, severe drought and several weeks of torrential rains followed by floods, 164 people have died in landslides.

Dozens more were taken to hospital with injuries.

By, Friday, May 11, 44 people were confirmed dead and over 2,000 displaced after the Solai Patel Dam broke its walls.

The floodwaters also swept away power lines and other buildings, including a school, according to local witnesses.

"Many people are missing".

Numerous houses affected were rickety structures made of wood and tin that stood little chance against the raging floodwater.

The area has seven dams used for irrigating the commercial flower farm, majority said to be lacking outlets.

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The 9pm horror rendered over 300 families homeless and about 2,500 residents were affected.

"This is to direct that you cause immediate and thorough investigations to be undertaken in order to establish the cause of the disaster and culpability if any", he said.

"The dams are not illegal", he said a day after the Water Resources Management Authority said they are unlawful as they have neither been inspected nor authorised by the government agency.

But the general manager of the farm, Vinoj Kumar has rather blamed the disaster on heavy rainfall in a forest above the dam.

It seemed that they had been fleeing but "could not make it due to the force and speed of the water from the flooded dam", the officer added. He declined to comment on the Daily Nation allegations, saying he was too busy to talk.

The latest figures from the government shows that more than 220,000 people have been displaced by flooding as heavy rains hit the country.

Since March, at least 21,000 acres (8,500 hectares) of farmland have been submerged in water with an estimated 20,000 animals killed, the Red Cross said last week. Bridges have been swept away and roads turned into rivers of mud.