Bethesda teases RAGE 2, may have robust online modes


For all we know, Bethesda might be pulling off an elaborate prank just to get back at Walmart Canada's weird listing. There is so much on the table that this year's E3 press conference will perhaps be the biggest for the makers of Fallout.

Whilst Bethesda's witty response to Walmart Canada's Rage 2 listing served to offer plenty of laughs for its audience on social media, the publisher didn't exactly deny the leak or the game's existence either.

Even Pete Hines, made a Tweet adding that not only are they excited about the event but are going to present the longest showcase the company has ever done.

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Typically, retailers are given a heads-up about upcoming games so that they can start prepping the pre-order bonus promotions, but sometimes there's also an issue where whoever operates the listings gets a little insane and starts posting games ahead of their actual announcement.

A Rage 2 teaser trailer has leaked out ahead of a proper reveal by Bethesda scheduled for sometime later tonight or early tomorrow morning. If it's really a Rage 2 teaser then what would you like to see in the next Rage game? Now, Bethesda appears to be continuing to tease the game's release, with tweets hinting that a reveal will come on May 14th.

First came a Thursday tweet featuring a clocktower smeared in the same shade of pink, with the arms pointing to the time 5:14. It doesn't have the same pink paint as the earlier ones, but it does show what looks to be a character from Rage standing in line to enter a building with Anarchy Tours on the door. "We've been working on E3 for this year since September of last year".