Bangladesh Sends its First Ever Communication Satellite


"I hope fate does not penalize me for these words, however that is unquestionably the intent. And I think our most conservative customers would agree with that". This launch will be flown by the first "Block 5" booster, the 7th and final iteration of the Falcon 9.

SpaceX blamed "a normal ground system automobile abort" for stopping the countdown 58 minutes prior to liftoff.

Called the composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV), they are used to store helium to keep the propellant tanks pressurized in the rocket's stage 2, notes the report. In September 2016, a Falcon 9 blew up throughout preparations for a fixed fire test and damaged a telecom satellite for Israeli fleet operator Spacecom. SpaceX has not really had a failure at launch since 2016 when a Falcon 9 exploded into a fireball before launch.

These activities are part of the company's quest to develop fully and rapidly reusable rockets and spacecraft, which Musk has said could slash the cost of spaceflight enough to make ambitious goals such as Mars colonization economically feasible. "It's nuts. I have actually personally reviewed the style; I can not count the number of times". The top engineering minds at SpaceX have agonized over this. "I believe we're in a fantastic situation".

"The term "block" is a little odd".

Musk said the each of the nine Merlin engines used to power the Falcon 9's first stage now have an 8 percent increase in thrust at sea level to 190,000 pounds-force.

The Block 4 Merlin 1D engines featured constant chamber pressure.

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Along with larger reusability, SpaceX's Block 5 Falcon 9 is made to fulfill NASA commercial team demands and Air Force national safety launching standards. Previous launches of the previous version of the first stage took months to recover, and the Block 5 is not yet at its full potential.

" In concept, we might refly Block 4 most likely upwards of 10 times, however with a reasonable quantity of work in between each flight", Musk stated. "The secret to Block 5 is the fact that it is meant to perform 10 or more flights without a refurbishment between every flight".

According to Elon Musk, the Block 5 rockets will be able to fly up to 10 times with zero maintenance, and up to 100 times in total.

The first launch of a heavy rocket, the Falcon 9 version Block 5 was held on 11 may 2018 with the first telecommunication satellite of Bangladesh Bangabandhu-1. Additionally, it is designed for simpler manufacturing.

Musk said the Falcon 9's octaweb structure, supports all nine first stage engines and provides compartmentalization in case one or more fails, is now much stronger.

"Obviously, aesthetics are a minor factor in rocket design, but I still like the fact that we've returned for nostalgic reasons to having a black interstage", Musk said.