Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Rock Out With Nintendo Labo


In case you don't know what a Nintendo Labo is, we'll explain it to you. For the two Nintendo Labo kits now available, you'll have to shell out just under £120. You can bend this cardboard stuff, and then you put the video system in. Yup, her and "The Roots" will be using cardboard instruments to recreate a pop song; Nintendo Labo is seriously diverse.

This of course is reminiscent of many of Fallon's other musical songs. Jimmy, being a Labo fan has frequently used the gadget on his show and is a big fan of the same.

With some light ingenuity (and a lot of patience), you can fashion controllers resembling guitars, drums and pianos, and even play them once paired with the Switch.

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Given the current projects available and some of the Toy-Con Garage projects, it'll be interesting to see what else Nintendo comes up with for their Nintendo Labo lineup.

Band individuals utilized diverse Toy-Con from the Variety and Robot units.

Fallon played using a combination of the guitar and piano setup, while Roots used a mixture of the robot kit, the fishing rod, Toy-Con pianos and drum machines to create the sounds live. Ariana being everybody's favorite and The Roots being an incredible band with such talented group members will surely increase the popularity of the gadget as well as the show.