Superintendent search, strategic plans on school board agenda


➜ The board will vote on a consent agenda, which includes the approval of minutes of previous meetings; the affirmation of staff resignations; the approval of donations to the school district; a "budget-to-actual" report; a high school guidance office report; and the approval of 2018 summer maintenance projects.

The applications will be available for board members to look through beginning Wednesday, and members will meet next Monday in what Voskuhl said could be a long session to "review, discuss and rank the applications".

"Maia's wealth of experience and commitment to education will be a tremendous asset to the Halton District School Board", said Stuart Miller, director of education for the HDSB.

$35,000 for window replacement at Washington Elementary School.

Board Members Chris Moir said she had mixed feelings knowing the money was needed but fearing there was no guarantee the money would be dedicated to the school system.

However, board member Owen Hinkle Jr. disagreed with Grace and said the board already gave up its say in the building when it sold in 2013. Someone with a $100,000 owner-occupied home would see a yearly tax increase of $147.20.

At a meeting last month, a bond attorney with the district presented how much taxes would increase for four bond options: a $25 million bond referendum, a $50 million bond referendum, a $75 million bond referendum and a $100 million bond referendum.

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Following outrage from parents after a three-month silence from district officials after word got out about a kill list written by a student, West Parry School District's superintendent is leaving his post.

Referring to his handling of the threat case, O'Brien said the district's solicitor ensure all mandated policies and laws were followed.

Downing was a bus driver for the school district, and ran for the board as a write-in candidate, with no opposition.

Albany will move ahead with its planned superintendent evaluation procedure even though Jim Golden remains on paid administrative leave, board members agreed Monday.

"The math numbers aren't where they should be", she said. He said it's the students who will really be hurt if the school closes.

"It is my belief that if we go to Tier Three, we're talking personnel", he said.

The total estimated cost of Scenario 2 is $99.6 million. The process should be extraordinarily public and clearly communicated to the voters who ultimately will decide the fate of any bond issue for new buildings.