Former Brazilian president Lula to face jail for corruption


Lula served as president between 2003 and 2011.

Quashing his bid to return to power, Brazil's Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the country's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will be imprisoned while he appeals his corruption conviction. Weber was seen as the only swing vote and her decision sealed Lula's fate. Despite his conviction and six separate pending corruption trials, Lula was leading opinion polls ahead of the October vote.

While it's clear that the current Brazilian Minister of Finance wants to run for the presidency of the Portuguese-speaking, South American country, he might not be able to actually run for the sought-after spot of being the President of Brazil because the Brazilian Democratic Movement party is the largest in the country, making it hard for him to beat out other primary candidates, due simply to the vast amount of competition within the MDB party every single election cycle. "We want Brazil to be freed of this shameful corruption".

However, in an unrelated case in 2016, the Supreme Federal Tribunal disagreed with that logic, ruling that a convict could start serving a sentence after a first appeal was denied.

Moro sentenced Lula in July 2017 to nine years in prison for the alleged crime of passive corruption and money laundering. According to the ruling, Lula may now be detained at any time and will likely not be allowed to run for the country's top seat in October.

Tensions increased on Tuesday when the commander of Brazil's army weighed in with tweets calling on the court to stand guard against impunity.

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Mr. Henrique Meirelles, the Finance Minister of Brazil, recently made public his plans to get on board with the Brazilian Democratic Movement political party - its name is often shortened to MDB - and is expected to run for president of Brazil just four months from now.

Gen. Eduardo Villas Boas posted two tweets Tuesday night that many interpreted as a form of pressure on the 11 justices on the Supreme Federal Tribunal and a veiled threat of intervention.

Villas Boas wrote that the army would stick to its constitutional role.

However, da Silva's denials received a blow in January, when an appeals court upheld the conviction involving the beachfront apartment.

Lula was convicted a year ago of helping a construction company get sweetheart contracts in exchange for the promise of a beachfront apartment.