Flint residents push against Michigan's announcement to stop sending bottle water


"For the past two years I have repeatedly been asked when I would declare the water safe in Flint and I have always said that no arbitrary decision would be made - that we would let the science take us to that conclusion". Residents are no longer urged to avoid Flint's tap water, she said. The crisis has prompted lawsuits by parents who say their children have shown dangerously high levels of lead in their blood.

More than a dozen people face criminal charges in connection with the decision to switch Flint's water supply and the state's actions afterwards. However, many pipes still need to be replaced.

Earlier this week the state of MI greenlighted Nestle's permit to pump 500,000 gallons of MI groundwater per day at virtually no cost for its bottled water business.

"This is wrong. Until all lead pipes are replaced, state should make available bottled water and filters to Flint residents", she said. After all, why should Gov. Snyder, state education officials, and other forces allied with emergency management object if the ills of a poisoned population might simply get lost in the background noise of a disinvested city and an underfunded school district.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who aided expose Flint's direct wreck in 2015, mentioned lead can't directly be associated with every evolution problem in kiddies.

No lead exposure is safe, according to the CDC, and children feel the toxin's most acute effects: learning and behavioral impairments, difficulty concentrating, and damage to the brain and nervous system. "I think the governor, that was very insensitive to the people when you look at everything we've been through".

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A spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality pointed out that the state will continue to provide water filters that are effective for removing lead.

The New York Times reports that although officials say that the city's water supply meets federal standards, it can still pick up lead "when it flows through the thousands of lead or galvanized steel".

CORE (Community Outreach and Resident Education) team members have made multiple visits to homes where a water test hasn't been submitted to encourage residents to have their water tested for free.

"Even with the quality water results to date, we will continue to support Mayor Karen Weaver's service line replacement program as it is an important component to the long-term integrity of the Flint water system". "With the bottled water, and then they're taking it away". Mays also said the state should have waited for additional independent test results expected in the next few weeks.

Franklin Avenue, between Maryland and Dakota, is also getting backed up at a water distribution center.

Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech researcher who was one of the earliest experts to call attention to Flint's contamination, said his independent testing shows the health crisis ended in the fall.