Upon return, lawmakers expected to launch investigation into Gov Eric Greitens


A new Missouri House committee will investigate Gov. Eric Greitens, even as some members of his own party are calling on the governor to step down. "As I have said before, I made a personal mistake before I was Governor".

"Our focus is going to be on the underlying facts of the indictment and the circumstances surrounding them", Rep. Jay Barnes (R), chair of the committee, said in a press conference, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Barnes gave no timetable for the committee to complete its investigation.

The resolution says the panel could hire independent investigators and special counsel and compel testimony through subpoenas.

Attorneys for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens are questioning why St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner hired a private company out of MI to perform the investigation that led to his indictment, rather than relying on St. Louis police. His attorneys say their client is completely innocent. But some noted that the legislation also had been proposed a year ago.

German lawmakers demand info about cyber attack government
According to Benjamin reed, it is "definitely not an ordinary group of hackers-criminals who act out of financial considerations". The German Interior Ministry confirms the cyber attack but not the identity of the perpetrators.

In a statement last week, Greitens said.

Greitens' attorneys countered that prosecutors were trying to drag out the embarrassing public investigation and that they want a quick jury trial to begin by the end of April at the latest, per the newspaper.

If the committee finds that Greitens is guilty of wrongdoing and should face impeachment, proceedings will then move to the full House chamber. "We're going to do so in a way that is fair, thorough and timely and we're going to do it without any preordained results".

Greitens has acknowledged having an affair but has denied using a photo as blackmail for the woman to remain silent. The alleged incident occurred in March 2015 as Greitens was preparing to run for governor.