Ed Hochuli: Longtime NFL referee announces retirement


Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron made a few announcements Tuesday, which included long-time referee Ed Hochuli is retiring.

Though generally well-liked by players and coaches, Hochuli often became a target of upset fans after calls went against their teams.

The elder Hochuli, 67, joined the National Football League in 1990 as a back judge and was promoted to referee in 1992. The man known for his muscular physique and explanation of penalties was voted the league's best referee by NFL head coaches in 2008, along with colleague Mike Carey, according to an ESPN survey. He was the crew chief for 19 playoff games, including for Super Bowl XXXVIII between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. In an interview several years ago, Hochuli noted that his career as a referee actually helped him as an attorney.

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The NFL won't be bereft of a Hochuli, however.

Despite the fact that his arms and upper body are big, Hochuli has no idea how much he can bench press. "I'm never the slightest bit nervous in a courtroom". And he will be replaced by his son, Shawn Hochuli.