Viral Video Shows Burglar Knocks out Accomplice With Brick


SHANGHAI, CHINA (Shanghai Jing'an Police/CNN) - We know from the movies that the best break-ins and robberies take intricate planning.

Police in Shanghai released video showing two suspects approaching a business.

The two were caught on surveillance trying to break into a store in Shanghai by throwing bricks at the windows.

Before the suspect is able to get out of the way, the second suspect throws a second brick, striking his accomplice in the head.

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He throws the brick at his partner, knocking him out cold.

He appears to be instantly knocked unconscious, falling to the ground face-first.

What's On Weibo notes that the video was quickly seen 4 million times after it was posted on the Chinese social media network.

Calling the burglary attempt one of the world's worst to honouring the robbers with "World's Dumbest Burglar title", Twitter users seemed to be cracking up from the whole incident.