Oro Valley couple files sexual assault counterclaim against Josh Pastner


At least 14 times in 10 months, Georgia Tech men's basketball coach Josh Pastner sexually assaulted or harassed the girlfriend of his self-described biggest supporter, the woman alleges in court papers Thursday.

Bell first alleged sexual misconduct by Pastner in a telephone call in December with an NCAA investigator.

In January, Pastner filed a lawsuit against both Bell and Pendley, alleging "defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, aiding and abetting and injurious falsehoods and attempts to blackmail and extort" the coach and his family.

According to the counterclaim, Pastner allegedly assaulted Bell's girlfriend in Houston when Bell and his girlfriend traveled there for a University of Memphis basketball game. The claim also alleges 11 incidents in which Pastner sexually harassed the woman.

The move comes less than a month after Pastner filed a defamation lawsuit against Bell and Pendley, also in Pima County.

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In response to the counterclaim, Scott Tompsett, Pastner's attorney says "There was no sexual assault". Their false claims of assault are a last-ditch effort to continue an extortion and blackmail scheme that failed.

Overall, Georgia Tech determined Jackson and Okogie received apparel, meals and transportation valued at less than $525 and less than $750, respectively.

Since filing the Complaint, we learned of an Oro Valley Police Department Report from previous year showing that the police investigated concerns that Mr. Bell was abusing Ms. Pendley and keeping her from leaving the home they share. As a player, Pastner was a member of the Wildcats' 1997 National Championship team. Pastner is in his second season as Georgia Tech's head coach following a long tenure at Memphis. Bell and Pastner had developed a close relationship since Bell got out of prison.

Before a game at Tech in November 2016, Pendley alleged, Pastner cornered her in a stairway and ran his hands over her breasts and genitals.