Oprah Winfrey did "think about" running for President


Ultimately, though, if she was meant to run, she said she would've gotten a sign from above.

The interview is part of a roundtable discussion Winfrey conducted for 60 Minutes in which she again gathered 14 MI voters-half of whom voted for President Trump and half who did not. The initial conversation last September accurately depicted how hard reaching across the aisle is in our current political climate, but didn't do much to actually bring the two groups together.

Oprah Winfrey shot down speculation that she could run for President in 2020 in a preview of a new interview that will air this Sunday.

"I was just trying to give a good speech", Winfrey said in the 60 Minutes interview. Gayle [King] was every day saying, "You should think about it".

Plus, if she was running, Winfrey added that she would likely have taken herself out "of the role of journalist or conversationalist".

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Some people will be crushed by what she says because they saw the first female president and antidote to Donald Trump's controversial presidency in the woman who gave such a stirring Time's Up-inspired Golden Globes speech.

Winfrey laughs off the notion that her fantastic prime-time oration was about anything but protecting women and minorities from oppression in a time of Constitutional and moral crisis.

"I think I heard or read something that said, 'Oh, doing that speech you must've known you were dipping your toe in the water of politics, '" Winfrey exclaimed to Silvio. Winfrey, after all, wouldn't need to plan a 2020 campaign this far out. I'm honestly relieved, because when you're mega-rich, have a solid fan base and people start telling you that you could be president, it's the sort of thing that can get inside your head, even if you'd be completely unqualified for the position and end up making North Korea look good by comparison.

'And wouldn't I know?

"Because if God actually wanted me to run, wouldn't God kinda tell me?" she said. "And I haven't heard that", Winfrey, 64, explained.