Internet "Fixes" Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Costume


While it hasn't been officially confirmed, it seems Larson will appear in the fourth Avengers film in addition to starring in the standalone Captain Marvel film with Jude Law, DeWanda Wise, and Samuel L. Jackson. While that costume is blue, red, and yellow, don't be thrown by the green, black, and silver look on display here.

New set photos from Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel gave fans their first look at Brie Larson suited up as the cosmic superhero, but with a twist: the Academy Award-winning actress was captured sporting a suit reminiscent of the uniform worn by the original Captain Mar-Vell in the classic Marvel comics.

Brie will be playing Carol Danvers - not just a superhero but a proud Air Force pilot whose DNA fuses with a Kreealien's during an accident. By embracing the title of Captain Marvel, she's also made sure to honor Mar-Vell's memory by having the same symbol on her chest that he did on his costume.

It is of course possible that Captain Marvel will be bookended by scenes set in the present day, before flashing back to the 90s. As Captain Marvel's 2019 release date gets closer, Marvel has moved forward with the film.

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Check out below the cool new still of Larson fully clothed as the fantastic heroine in the 1990s setting of the film.

And could you guess what color the Kree wore into battle in the comics?

For those who might not necessarily follow the comics closely, the costume that Larson is wearing looks different from what some would expect. Yesterday, we saw a first look at Larson on set as Captain Marvel prepares to start filming.