Indonesian Soldiers Drink Snake Blood, Head-Butt Bricks for James Mattis


The dumbfounded USA delegation looked on as the men then killed live snakes, including cobras, and served their blood to each other in a sign of brotherhood. One soldier even tore a live snake apart with his teeth.

The other day some Indonesian special forces troops put on a snazzy exhibition for visiting Defense Secretary James Mattis.

The press corps traveling with Mattis was expecting a standard hostage rescue drill and were totally unprepared for the fire walks, helicopter drills, and counter terrorist simulations which included attack dogs.

"This is a tragedy that's worse than anything that CNN or BBC has been able to portray about what has happened to these people", Mattis said, speaking to reporters during a trip to Indonesia. SEC. MATTIS: Is that right?.The snakes - you see them tire them out, and then grab them, you know, the way they were flipping them around.

Nearby, a commando rolled around on broken glass while another shot apparently live bullets at a balloon held by his blindfolded comrade - with one round missing the target, although no one was injured.

The demonstration also showed the intensity of the training of Indonesian forces, Mattis said. One dog later leapt through an open auto window to apprehend a mock terrorist.

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Mattis was visiting Indonesia with hopes of repairing ties with the country's military, which are banned from training with USA forces after being sanctioned for enforcing the policies of the country's former dictator, who utilized special forces as a criminal organization, Business Insider noted.

"One of the sanctions is clearly that they are not allowed to go to America".

Mattis and Vietnamese Defense Minister Ngo Xuan Lich met today in Hanoi to discuss regional security issues, Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana W. White said in a statement.

Members of the Indonesian special forces hold a demonstration in honor of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Mattis also expressed appreciation for Vietnam's close support to the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency mission in Hanoi, White said, as it works to recover US personnel missing from the war.

The secretary said the United States would continue to assist Vietnam's efforts to deploy a medical unit to the U.N. Peacekeeping Mission in the South Sudan later this year, she said.