Hey Siri! Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker Makes Its Debut


The HomePod will cost $349 (roughly Rs. 22,200) in the US, GBP 319 (roughly Rs. 28,500) in the United Kingdom, and AUD 499 (roughly Rs. 25,500) in Australia. Considering that just one Sonos One speaker costs $199/£199 on its own, 25% off (or around $50/£50) is nothing to joke about.

Sonos One supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, while future plans include support for Google Assistant. But much like the company's other speakers, the Sonos One fully supports playing Apple Music content through the Sonos app on a smartphone or PC.

The HomePod may be close at hand, but Sonos isn't resting on its laurels, announcing a deal that cuts the price of a pair of its Alexa-powered speakers to match Apple. Apple added FLAC compatibility in iOS 11 past year, so although it wasn't completely unexpected for the iOS-based HomePod to include FLAC support, it wasn't entirely clear whether the codec would be supported over AirPlay.

Are you thinking about pre-ordering the Apple HomePod tomorrow? After an initial delay, the HomePod is set to launch on February 9th. Voice activation is also not always realistic, so many may miss the modicum of control that a physical application offers.

Two speakers vs one for $349?

Apple is touting its HomePod as a high fidelity streaming music player first, and a Siri voice assistant device second.

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Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri stands at the center of the HomePod experience.

With the Apple HomePod release date finally confirmed, multi-room specialiast Sonos wants you to know there's twice the value to be had with its Sonos One speaker.

Crafted with Apple-engineered audio technology, HomePod uses advanced software for real time acoustic modeling, audio beam forming, echo cancellation and a lot more supported by Apple's A8 chip to deliver premium audio quality.

On the smart home side, Apple's HomePod can be used to control everything from thermostats to lights through Apple's HomeKit service. Read on to learn what Siri can, and can't, do on your HomePod.

The official HomePod page reveals that the smart speaker will have several gesture controls placed on the top. There's definitely a U.S. centric approach to the Smart Home Apple partners and for those in the United Kingdom who have already invested in British Gas Hive then Amazon Alexa is definitely your best option as Apple have no support announced.