Critics' Choice Awards: 10 must-see red carpet looks


The stars turned up at the Critics' Choice Awards decked in a rainbow of colors and sparkle.

"Wonder Woman" was named best action movie and its star Gal Gadot accepted a special award for challenging gender stereotypes.

After the Golden Globe Awards, which became an event to honour the courageous ladies who came forward to expose the hidden monsters of showbiz, the critical awards focused more on the entertainment aspect while honouring the deserving Hollywood films and television shows. "She knew the great importance of this character and what she could mean to the world if well done".

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest films of 2017, earning positive critical acclaim and pushing past $3 billion at the worldwide box office.

After winning the trophy, Brown said, "I speak on behalf of my show that's not the darkest, or the sexiest, but we have a lot of heart".

She said, "Wow, this is such an honor but I would like".

He won best comedy actor Golden Globe and Critics' Choice awards - a one-two punch that would normally suggest that someone is a slam-dunk for a best actor Oscar nom - but he also got raked over the coals on multiple late-night talk shows en route to the Los Angeles Times publishing an expose that alleges he is yet another Hollywood perpetrator of sexual misconduct.

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The film wasn't deemed the best comedy, though: That award went to "The Big Sick".

"We're very happy that our movie came out in a year where Hollywood is having a lot of hard conversations with itself, and we're amplifying voices that have been silenced for too long", Nanjiani said.

No offense meant to Zooey Deschanel, but Munn was totally in she was a dork, able to make us wince and cringe at her awkwardness.

Besides taking digs at Wahlberg and the men of Hollywood, Munn starred as Massachusetts-born Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan in a bit that spoofed the new film "I, Tonya". Hopefully these are just the first of many awards the movie will receive.

They hit him with it again when "The Shape of Water" scored Best Picture, and he took a moment to appreciate it, before going on and on.

Best actress victor (for her role in I Tonya) Margot Robbie and Allison Janney couldn't stop giggling as they sampled one of the many bottles of Moët & Chandon provided to guests.